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Letter from the President

September 19, 2015

Dear Jay Peak Ski Club members,

What a great summer we had, it has been warm, sunny, and dry from the beginning of May until Mid-October but now fellow skiers it’s officially over and our favorite season is just about to start, in fact there was over 6 inches of beautiful white heavy snow on my truck this morning and a little bit more at the resort. Actually, I even saw a few skiers coming down the Haynes in the afternoon, no kidding!! What was I doing at the bottom of the Haynes looking at the slopes on a beautiful freezing day like that? Well, since you’re asking, I was finishing a few things around the timing shack… yes, we finally did it, we’ve turned the first floor of our timing shack into a cozy warming hut for the kids. This means our kids will be able to spend more time on the slopes even when it’s cold not having to hike back to the ski club every time they need to warm-up a few minutes. Awesome right?? On that note, as your ski club President for the second year and on behalf of the entire Board, I would like to officially welcome you to season 2016-2017 of your amazing and unique Jay Peak Ski Club!!!

With a few inches on the ground and cold temp in the forecast, we’re starting to feel it, the ski season is fast approaching. Aside from the warming hut project, lots of things have already been put into place over the summer to prepare for the white season. As mentioned in a previous communication a few weeks ago, we are really proud to introduce our new program director and head coach, Taylor Wunsch. Sean is returning for his second season with us and Jon will be back for a 13th season. We will also have new coaches like Kyra and two other to be announced shortly. I’m very excited to say our coaching staff status is looking very good so far.

We will continue to enjoy our new and improve clubhouse for a fourth season now. In order to maximize the potential of all our athletes, we’re expecting again this year to have the parent’s implication to support our athletes by volunteering for different task throughout the season.

For all returning members, thank you for your support year after year. And for those who are new to the club, I’m positive both athletes and parents will share moments that will become cherished memories for years to come. Being part of JPSC is an incredible experience that will stick to you throughout your life.

I’d like to invite everyone to take a look at the information contained in the registration form. If you’re a Facebook fan, don’t forget do go “like” our page to help us spread the word. Also, if you have any interrogations, it will be my pleasure to help you, do not hesitate to call, text, e-mail or come directly to the clubhouse.

Yours sincerely,
J-R Bouchard
Jay Peak Ski Club