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Wishful Program

Ages 5-6 


The wishful program is designed to introduce young athletes into the world of skiing and ski racing.  This is an educational stage which is important to both the development of our program and our athletes. Free skiing is the main focus in this group. Through free skiing they improve their skills to the ability level of the U8 Program. The athletes will be briefly introduced to drill courses on easy and intermediate terrain. Using these methods the athletes will begin to learn the basics of the sport.


The minimum age to race in VARA sanctioned events is 7.  The athletes will have an opportunity to either forerun or post-run the first run of the J5/6 GS race at Jay Peak, as long as they have the ability to complete the course in a timely fashion.


The mountain is the best training tool that we can offer our wishfuls.  The athletes will become comfortable skiing in most terrain and snow conditions, so that the end result is to have fun skiing no matter what. They will be introduced to short courses using some of our training tools.


Wishfuls should have only one pair of all-mountain skis.  Helmets are mandatory!  Warm clothing is a must.  A good pair of mittens, socks, and a neck warmer will make your young athletes more successful.


•   To have fun while trying new things on skis
•   To be comfortable on different snow surfaces
•   To develop a love for skiing

JPSC Wishful Competencies:

To participate as a “wishful” all of the following criteria must be met:

1.   Ski Jet/Haynes unassisted
2.   Put on/take off skis by themselves
3.   Able to get up unassisted after a minor fall
4.   Able to get to (but not on) ski lifts unassisted

Five years of age on Jan. 31. (An exception can be made for advanced children if all the above criteria are met and the child has an older sibling in the club)

A coach and not the child’s parent will assess the above criteria. There will be an evaluation of the child’s ability during the first two weekends of attendance, after which the coach will make a recommendation. It should be noted that this is not a babysitting service for the convenience of parents (this is available through the Jay Peak Ski School). There will be a limit of six children in this group.

Parents of wishfuls acknowledge and understand that their child will be riding lifts (Metro, Village chairs and the T-Bar) without an adult on the lift. If the child is not ready for this they should not be enrolled as a wishful.


The wishful program will start after Christmas (Dec. 26 at 12:00) and continue for the balance of the season (no Fridays). The Club cannot commit to a wishful program during the spring break. Coaching availability is always a challenge in this period due to variances in spring breaks and we may be understaffed. Due to the individual attention required for this group, we may not be able to accommodate these children with adequate safety and supervision.